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June Student Blog – Susan

I am sitting at my computer trying to find videos I took of how to do vagina monsters to put in my group dance, Lady Marmalade, for my second ever student showcase and first at Knock Out Bodies. I am laughing at the other memories such as doing a pole challenge last fall and taking hip hop class and twerk classes in pole. It is not my forte, lol.
I learn by taking lots and lots of videos of choreography and how to do pole tricks, etc. My pole journey has not been easy, but I have persisted because it was something I wanted to try and then I got hooked by the sexiness of it. Pole is not natural for my body as I have never been one to climb on anything or have good upper body strength. I started an intro pole class at another studio, but was frustrated because other newbies could climb the pole and that was very difficult for me. I had extra skin around my middle after having two kids and I am introverted when it comes to showing my sexiness after 12 years in a not supportive marriage. When I went through a contentious divorce three years ago, I was very lonely and not knowing what to do. It was a very difficult time and my sister told me I should join the triathlon team as she loved to do it and it helped her. I joined and spent two years training six days a week and lost the 20 pounds that were always adding to my waistline each year, even though I worked out.
I took time off of Tri training to have a tummy tuck to sew up the muscle in my upper stomach that had ripped with having two big babies. I was hoping I would get better at pole climbing and also though weight training to help me become better at pole. The tummy tuck was a very difficult and long recovery. My doctor said he never had someone with a fluid bag for 5 weeks. Usually that goes away in two weeks. After recovery I continued tri training and then quit when I had bunion surgery and because I could not devote enough time to pole dancing, salsa dancing and triathlon training.
My tri coach looked at me like I was crazy, as he is a fairly religious man, when I told him I was quitting tri training to pursue my passion of pole dancing. I next hired a personal trainer to work on lifting weights to get some more upper body strength. That and lots of salsa dancing resulted in a super tight IT band after walking around in a boot for weeks after bunion surgery. I am just finishing up rehab for my tight IT band in my left thigh that affects my knee, which is very important for my favorite pole class, sexy low pole flow.
I was hooked with pole when I did my first showcase in 2015. The studio I was at had a six-week class to create a showcase performance. I was with four other women and we were helped in selecting music and creating a routine for our level. It was so nerve wracking and I was so nervous, but when I went on stage and heard the other performers cheering me on with the audience it was the most exhilarating and uplifting experience I have ever experienced. I have taken many classes and finally found a studio I can call home at Knock Out Bodies. The women are so supportive and everyone is there to feel sexy, work on choreo and learn new pole moves. I am fairly competitive with myself and have tried saying to myself that I am the oldest and I won’t be able to do what the younger women do in a much quicker time. It doesn’t help that I am afraid of getting hurt and with pole and lyra there are many bruises all over the body and aches and pains. But in the end, I love pushing my body to be better, learn new things and try to be the best person I can be at 52 and moving forward. I am going to continue with lyra as I love the freeing feeling I get with balancing on a hoop. I am not the best at pole and struggle staying up in my 7 and 8-inch heels. I think part of it is gaining confidence, knowing that I can do it and being sexy. I have found that being sexy is not an easy feat and takes a lot of work, but I am achieving it and feeling amazing!!! As I get ready for my second showcase tonight, I am a bundle of nerves and doing a lot of self-talk about how it will go. “I practice, I can do it and it will be fine. Whatever happens, happens… it’s all good.” I must remember that in three years I have learned salsa (LA, Cuban, Rueda), Bachata, Cumbia, Zouk, Kompa, Kizomba, Urban Kiz, African, pole and lyra. The last three years since my divorce has been challenging, but I have also had so many highs, gone after and am developing my passions while meeting new people and friends. This has really opened and challenged my mind while also increasing my confidence in myself. I am now a very sexy woman at 52 and loving it!

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