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14apr12:15 pmIntro to Lyra Spins - Ginger SnapsSUNDAY 12:15-1:45P

14apr12:15 pmFloorwerk for Plus Sized Bodies - Ginger SnapsSUNDAY 6:10-7:40P

20apr1:00 pmSensual Lyra Group ChoreoSaturday, April 20+27, 1p

01may5:30 pmINTRO TO LYRA 5:30pmWEDNESDAYS 5:30-6:30 PM, 5 WEEKS

Welcome to our studio, Phoenix Flight.

Our Philosophy

Our studio runs on strong values with a laser focus on the culture and community of our studio.

We intentionally incorporate those values into the very fabric of how the studio operates that truly honor everyone’s identity and autonomy – which makes us space that isn’t for everyone.

We intentionally guard our space to make it a safe for growth, vulnerability, and authenticity.

Phoenix Flight is a gender-inclusive, sex worker supportive space that encourages growth, connection, joy, grace, courage and freedom. We are raw, non-performative and support issues close to our staff and student community’s hearts.

Have the Audacity to do Something For Yourself

Ready to Explore?

What’s your hope for trying a class with us?

Is it to explore your sensual side or discover your superhero strength? Is it to tap into a creative outlet or find a community of supportive people?
Trying our studio is a step to doing something that’s just for you and your reason should be just as unique and personal. It takes courage to do something that is just for you. Have the audacity to choose yourself.

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