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The Meme Bull Sh*t

I’ve been coming out of a deep depression.  I’ve experienced depression spells over the years but have been able to adequately handle it and they have been manageable.  But this one spell lasted for a year.  During the hardest, most challenging, and most isolating year that we all experienced.  This post isn’t about depression and how to best deal with it.  Only qualified mental health professionals can do that.  What …

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Do It For You

Every person that tries a class at Phoenix Flight Studio has a reason they did it. Maybe they’re bored with the gym. Or they’re trying to get in shape. Or they want to be sexy for their partner. The one that always sticks out to me is the one where a woman indicates she wants to learn to be sexy for her spouse. That makes me feel all the feels. …

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First Love Yourself F.L.Y. – Loving Yourself Again: Studio Owner Blog

Learning to love yourself is hard.  At this moment, I am at my heaviest weight and nt working out regularly.  I have a full time job, a young child, and I run the studio.  Finding time to take care of myself is really hard and I have not been honoring myself and what my body needs to stay healthy. I’ve gone up and down in size my whole life, but …