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First Love Yourself F.L.Y. – Loving Yourself Again: Studio Owner Blog

Learning to love yourself is hard.  At this moment, I am at my heaviest weight and nt working out regularly.  I have a full time job, a young child, and I run the studio.  Finding time to take care of myself is really hard and I have not been honoring myself and what my body needs to stay healthy. I’ve gone up and down in size my whole life, but I’ve always been active so this last year of my life has been hard.  My “me place” has become my job.  How do I look in the mirror and love myself when I don’t feel good about letting myself go?  There is no easy answer.  I’ve been slowly making small changes to get me back to where I was before, being active and making good healthy choices.    There is no easy answer and I have no great revelation on how to move forward.  I just know that when I allow myself the opportunity to be creative and start small, those small changes always lead to me making better decisions for myself.  I just got to push through and know that I am a better mom, partner, employee, and boss when I honor myself.

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