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Finding Your Wings: The Joys and Pitfalls of a New Year

Brand new year means brand new things right? Learning a new skill, revisit a forgotten one, new goals, new routines, all in the pursuit of the perfect life.  Even as an adult well on my way to 40, I still get that anticipation of the new year.  Disappointment in how I failed in my resolutions from the year before, but love the idea of clean slate to get up and try again.  Each new year has stopped being this end all be all for my goals. I enjoy the idea of a new year, but recognize I can start fresh anytime.  I’ve also attempted to make any goals I set for myself about self discovery not self criticism. I’ve said good by to the idea of diet culture and losing weight as a goal.  Last couple years my health goals have been more about moving in way that keeps me healthy, mobile, and joyful.  Food consumption has been more about healing my relationship with food and recognizing how my body responds to what I eat rather than limitations.

And this new year seems to have even more anxiety and hope around it.  Will we see the end of the pandemic chaos that has limited us these last two years? Will we be able find some solace and peace after what feels like significant upheaval in our daily lives? These are all unanswered questions, but the lesson I have learned and continue to try to reinforce in myself is that I can’t wait.  My life can’t wait.  I can’t wait for things to happen and use the phrase “some day” to demotivate me and keep me from living the only life I have.  So I have made three goals for myself this year

  1. Pursue what gives me joy.
  2. Pursue what takes courage.
  3. Pursue what makes me feel free

These goals are about making peace with what I can’t change and letting go of trauma that holds me back.  This is about trying new things and revisit old hobbies I love.  I’ve spent too much of my precious time hyper focused that I’ve lost sight of the things that made me unique and special. I reclaim my joy.

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