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What is a Pole Class Really Like? Part 1 – What it Takes to Get Your Ass to a Class

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Have you seen the Hustlers preview yet? Most likely the answer is yes. Or perhaps the clips of JLo talking about learning how to pole dance? Maybe that’s got you curious about this new workout fad thing you’ve heard about from time to time. Over the next several weeks, I’m going to let you know what taking a pole class is really like.
So first off let’s get one the straight, it doesn’t matter what your workout habits have been, what your jean size is, or whether or not you can dance. Anybody can get an amazing experience during pole class. Brutal honesty? Any one of these things can contribute to how quickly you learn a move or progress; but they are not the end all be all to being successful and finding joy in a pole class. You may find certain moves more challenging and they may require more training, conditioning, and practice. But that’s true for anyone. Me for example? Flexy moves and choreography come very naturally to me while any moves that required a great deal of upper body and core strength have always been a struggle. I can hip circle like nobody’s business, but ask me to twerk? You might as well ask Barbie to twerk cause its gonna look the same if I do it. But that person over there that is nailing those handsprings and is a size two? She’s got her struggles too. Maybe she is as inflexible as a stick and can’t touch her toes. I recall a student I started pole class with at the same time, whom I jealously watched in the higher level pole classes while I still struggled with a climb after months. She came up to me after a dance class saying how envious she was of how I dance. She desperately wished she had that rhythm. I was flabbergasted that this woman would be envious of me when she was doing tricks that after 8 years of pole dancing I still can’t do.
My point is the beautiful, crazy, amazing thing about pole is that it can be exactly what you need it to be and can be adapted to what you are great at and still present challenges to grow. So when someone says that the they need to lose weight or increase flexibility or upper body strength before taking a pole class – Nope. Sweetie, you are perfect as you are to start.
So what do you actually need to take a pole class? It’s one thing and one thing only.
Pole dancing is challenging and can be painful. It takes you out of your comfort zone every minute you are in class and you are not always gonna succeed. There will be days when you down right suck (or maybe that’s just me). There will be teachers that you don’t connect with that will make you feel discouraged. There will be studios that you just don’t vibe with. That’s ok. The important thing to remember is to not quit after one class. Try out a different classes, instructors, and studios. The pole community is the most uplifting community to be a part of and I guarantee you will find a place that feels like home.
Pole dancing is all about your personal desire to move. Whether your movement is slow and sexy, sharp and crisp, or lyrical and smooth, moving your body is personal, raw, and requires courage. But the freedom that comes from it can be liberating and empowering.
So whether you feel like you need to drop 10 pounds, or have the perfect splits, or find a friend to go to class with you because the idea of going by yourself is too much, let me tell you, you can do this. The fact that you are even reading this shows that you’ve taken a courageous first step to figure out of this is something you even want to do. So my friend, have courage. Because the people I have had the privilege of meeting while being in this community are some of the most incredible human beings I’ve ever met. You want to be a part of that group too?
Note: Next blog will be on what to expect during your first pole class with some tips and tricks.

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