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The Art of Making Time for Yourself: The Empowering Act of Finding Your Sanctuary

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not uncommon to meet people who wear many hats—parent, partner, employee, caregiver, and more. Amidst the whirlwind of responsibilities, the concept of me-time often gets pushed to the back burner. However, prioritizing oneself is a revitalizing and empowering practice every person deserves. Let’s delve into the essence of personal time and its profound benefits.

**Why is making time for yourself important?**

Juggling various roles, so many of us are entrenched in the loop of ‘doing it all.’ Whether it comes for societal pressure, internal pressure, or out of pure survival, the doing it all and being everything to everyone is the heavy burden so many of us carrier quietly. However, continuous giving, without replenishing, can lead to burnout, decreased resilience, and waning passion. Making time for oneself isn’t an indulgent luxury; it’s a necessity. This me-time acts as a buffer, preventing burnout, enhancing overall happiness, and keeping one grounded. Moreover, engaging in a personal hobby like aerial or pole dancing can boost self-confidence, offering a unique blend of movement and emotional expression.

But for total transparency, the reality is I can preach all day long about the need for self-care and me time. But the reality is there are those that can’t. Their circumstances don’t allow it. My soapbox diatribe blog topic on encouraging you to make time for yourself means nothing when children need to be fed and bills need to be paid. Yes, I firmly believe in the mission I have with my studio. I’ve seen the power of finding oneself with my students in my studio. I will continue to encourage and promote our space and our community to provide that chance to step away from the roles we play every single day. But I acknowledge my own privilege in being able to participate in this space.

**So how do I start giving time to myself?**

Starting is often the hardest part. But, remember, self-time doesn’t mean taking hours out of your busy day. It can be as simple as 15 minutes of solitude, a quick journaling session, or a short dance break. I struggled with depression during the early years of motherhood and one way I just started the process of feeling like a person again was taking 5 minutes before or after a shower to dance naked in the bathroom. I brought my music into the bathroom, closed my eyes, and just moved. Sometimes I was silly, sometimes I rocked out, sometimes I swayed. It was silly and small, but in that moment, it was everything to me.

To integrate this into your routine:

1. **Prioritize**: Understand that it’s essential for your well-being.

2. **Schedule**: Carve out a specific time daily or weekly. Treat this as an immovable appointment.

3. **Communicate**: Let family and friends know about your ‘me-time’ so they can support you.

**How do you make time for yourself concerning mental health?**

Mental well-being is intertwined with the quality of life. Engaging in activities like aerial and pole dancing can offer incredible support. The rhythm, the movement, and the sheer act of being present can be a meditative experience. To ensure mental rejuvenation:

1. **Choose activities that resonate**: Not every hobby will align with your spirit. Experiment and find what feels right.

2. **Seek professional guidance**: Participation in pole or aerial classes, while many will call these classes their therapy, it should by no means replace professional support.

3. **Stay consistent**: Mental health benefits accumulate over time. Consistency is key.

**Is taking time for yourself productive?**

At first glance, taking time off might seem counterproductive, especially when there’s a never-ending to-do list. However, the paradox is that by investing time in yourself, you enhance your overall productivity. Rejuvenation periods, like attending a dance session, can clear the mind, enhance focus, and foster creativity. The refreshed energy you bring post-break often compensates for the time ‘lost.’

In conclusion, the art of balancing life’s demands with personal needs is a journey. But as many of us are discovering, activities like aerial and pole dancing offer a sanctuary—a place to reconnect, rejuvenate, and reclaim one’s essence. By making time for yourself, you aren’t detracting from your roles; you’re enriching them, painting your life’s canvas with vibrant colors of joy, passion, and well-being. For every person striving to do it all, remember: you’re at your best when you prioritize yourself. 🌸

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