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The Meme Bull Sh*t

I’ve been coming out of a deep depression.  I’ve experienced depression spells over the years but have been able to adequately handle it and they have been manageable.  But this one spell lasted for a year.  During the hardest, most challenging, and most isolating year that we all experienced.  This post isn’t about depression and how to best deal with it.  Only qualified mental health professionals can do that.  What …

Studio Blog

Why Teach Sensual Movement? (Studio Owner Blog Edition)

When Phoenix Flight Studio was first opened, the foundation for the studio was female fitness. It opened almost 10 years ago, early in the history of the recreational pole industry and many studios that open during that time were looking for a way to separate the services studios offered from the sex industry that many associate with pole dancing. The idea of sensual movement and the sexy persona was shunned …

Studio Blog

The Right to Unplug – July’s – Studio Owner Edition

This month, KOs social media content has focused on taking breaks, unplugging from social media, and creating space to relax.  I wanted to focus on this because summer seems to be a time where people are more inclined to take vacations and get outside.  Especially in Minnesota.  I have lived all over the South and the Midwest and I have found Minnesotans to have the easiest time choosing to be …