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The Right to Unplug – July’s – Studio Owner Edition

This month, KOs social media content has focused on taking breaks, unplugging from social media, and creating space to relax.  I wanted to focus on this because summer seems to be a time where people are more inclined to take vacations and get outside.  Especially in Minnesota.  I have lived all over the South and the Midwest and I have found Minnesotans to have the easiest time choosing to be outside and enjoying nature.  Maybe it’s because for 6-7 months of the year we are forced to be inside unless we make friends with winter sports and the cold.  But there is this magical time of the year where rooftop bars and restaurant patios open up and biking becomes the preferred form of local transportation.  It’s wonderful to be in a community that values the summer break.

I have been a pole dancer for going on 9 years. I have seen this industry evolve from hunting for pole videos on Youtube by the few souls brave enough to put their work on the internet to having to make judgement calls on which polers I should follow on Instagram because there is so much content out there.  I have so many saved pole video clips that there is no way I will ever be able to try them all out.  Our industry is so integrated into social media now and the excitement of see amazing artists and athletes share their work is beyond exciting.

But, I am here to say we should take breaks from social media too.  Take a class where you don’t break out your phone to record your latest accomplish.  Let that be just between you, your instructor, and the few precious people in class that got to witness it.  Lose yourself in a freestyle without recording it.  Take a break from putting your pole journey out on social media and just enjoy the journey.

I am so inspired by what I see in our pole world.  Embracing all bodies, all genders, all styles. Social media is important to our industry and I wouldn’t change that.  But I also don’t want you to forget that this amazing sport and art form is for you to discover something new about you. Look inward at the evolution and love the process.  You have the right to unplug.

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