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What is a Pole Class Really Like? – Part 3: Tips and Tricks for Your First Class

So you’ve walked through the door of a pole studio for your first class.

Click here for a little short video summarizing a few moves in our intro to pole class

What’s it going to be like?

It will depend on what studio you go to and what class format you are attending.  But very typically you will cover the very basics including how to grip the pole (there is an art form to it that will keep your shoulders safe!), a couple spins and conditioning that you can do that will make all these moves a little stronger. Here’s some tips and reminders for you that may help with your first class:

  • For intro classes, upper body strength isn’t quite as important as grip strength. How you are able to do spins will be very much reliant on grip strength.  Grip too hard, no spin and sore muscles.  Grip to light, no spin and sore butt.  This will take time.  In modern culture, having a good grip isn’t something we typically require to function in society, so this is not something that comes naturally.  But that is what we work on in class.  You absolutely don’t need to come to class super buff and strong to be successful.
  • Don’t avoid falling. I know this is a weird one, but stay with me.  When you spin around the pole, it really is just falling with style. Gravity is still pulling you to the ground but how you get to the ground and how quickly you get there is what we are working on in class.  The biggest roadblock for new students is the fear of falling.  It prevents them from taking both feet off the ground, it causes them to overthink moves which ultimately lead them to stumbling through a move, and it can cause them to cling to the pole hanging on for dear life instead of spinning.  Remember that you want that movement. You want to descend to the ground.  Taking that “leap” of faith is scary, but it is so worth it when you get that first full 360 spin.  It feels like flying.
  • The less clothes the better. This one will come with time. Without fail, all my intro students start out in long shorts and tank tops and when you start moving up the levels in pole, the clothing coverage gets less and less.  Is this because pole dancer have no shame and are exhibitionists?  Well yes lots of us are 😉 We do become very comfortable with see others with little skin coverage and pole does make us feel fabulous, so why cover up all this fabulous-ness?  But, more logistically, the more skin exposure we have, the more likely we can stick to the pole while doing our higher level tricks.  That exposed gluteal fold between your butt and your thighs can mean the difference between sticking a very cool trick and falling to the ground.
  • Always give yourself grace. I say this ALL THE TIME. People in intro want to be so hard on themselves because they aren’t getting it.  Maybe there are a few in class that these moves come more naturally.  It’s so easy to get upset with yourself.  It’s so easy to say this is something you can’t do.  But, that’s why we do intro to pole series. You really need at least four classes to see an improvement.  That’s why I never recommend just trying out one class before making a decision.  You really need to keep coming back to see the improvement. To see a difference.  Pole is not easy, but does come easier to some people.  The thing to remember is, are you having fun?  And how does accomplishing something in pole make you feel?  This is about trying something new that is scary and not easy.  So don’t expect it to come easy.  But expect it to be worth it!

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