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You Are More Than The Roles You Play

2020 – A Theme to Remember

In my strategy plannings, I had an Eureka moment.

I was considering my marketing message for the coming year, what did I want the general public to see when they saw my studio? Who am I trying to attract to my studio? Well the easy answer is, I’m trying to attract someone like me. Someone who is looking for community of people to connect with, someone who is needing to get away from daily life as a mother, worker, partner. I found my home studio because it allowed me to be me, exactly how I wanted to be at the moment and feel something I never had before, strong and within that strength, sexy. And that’s when my eureka moment hit.

Do you know the back story of the word Eureka? It is said that the Greek scholar Archimedes ran naked proclaiming “Eureka” when he was understood water displacement volume while taking a bath. Eureka is used to excitedly proclaim an epiphany.

That’s what I had while thinking about what I want out of my studio for myself. I wanted a place where I could step away from the roles I play on a daily basis to just be me. Because I’m more than a mom, a partner, a co-worker, a business owner. I am more than the roles I play. So that is my theme for 2020, for myself and for my studio. I want people to come to Phoenix Flight Studio to have just a moment where they can be something other than the role they are currently playing. Divorcee, spouse, manager, caretaker, housekeeper. All of these are just roles. Roles we have to play every day, but roles nonetheless. For a just a moment, I hope you can come to a class at our studio and step away from those roles and find a place where you can explore who you are, discover a strength, a sensuality, and a community that supports you as you. Not because you are a college student or a nurse or fiance, but because your goals are the same as ours, to be authentically you.

Are you ready to be authentically you?

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