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The Power of the Pause: Why No Progress in Your Pole or Aerial Journey Can Still Mean Success

In a world that constantly shouts “more, faster, better!” it’s easy to get caught in the relentless cycle of chasing progress. For many of us, this endless race spills over into every sphere, including our beloved aerial journey. Success is too often defined in our heads as that gravity defying lift or insanely flexible splitty move. But what if we redefined what success looks like? What if standing still could be just as powerful, if not more?

**Reframing Progress’**

When we think of progress, our minds often jump to mastering a new skill, perfecting a challenging trick, or holding a pose for just a few seconds longer. But progress isn’t always linear. Sometimes, it’s the stillness, the moments where we feel we aren’t advancing, where the most profound growth occurs.

**The Beauty of Stillness**

Imagine this: You’ve been attempting a particular move for weeks. Every class, you give it your all, but despite your best efforts, you can’t seem to nail it. Frustrating? Absolutely. But it’s in these moments of stagnation that we build resilience. It’s here that we learn patience, grit, and the ability to show up for ourselves, even when the going gets tough. And most importantly, it’s where we have an opportunity to show ourselves grace. Honoring our humanness and imperfection. Respecting our body’s need for rest, time, and love.

**Growth Beyond the Physical**

The transformative power of pole and aerial goes beyond nailing new skills. It’s about the internal shifts, the mental and emotional evolution. When we aren’t progressing in the traditional sense, we’re often making strides in other, less visible ways. Building confidence, honing our mental strength, or developing a deeper connection to our bodies – these intangible shifts are just as valuable.

**Challenging Societal Norms**

The societal pressure for us to constantly improve and progress is intense. Whether it’s in our careers, personal lives, or physical pursuits, there’s a pervasive belief that we should always be advancing. By recognizing and celebrating our ‘still’ moments, we challenge this narrative. We give ourselves permission to be, to exist in the present, and to find joy in the journey, not just the destination.

At its heart, pole and aerial are expressions of self. It’s a dance between strength and vulnerability, control, and surrender. And just like in life, there will be highs and lows, moments of rapid advancement, and periods of stillness. Embracing every phase, including the ones without visible progress, is what makes the journey holistic and deeply transformative.

While the allure of progress is undeniable, there’s magic in the moments where we are stuck. It’s in these pauses that we often find our deepest strengths, learn our most valuable lessons, and experience the true essence of movement.

So, the next time you feel stuck or frustrated by a lack of progress, remember what I am offering: Our classes are just about the moves we master; it’s about the person we become in the process. And sometimes, standing still can lead to the most profound growth of all.

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